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October 2012

UV tattoos also known as blacklight tattoos are done using a special ink that is visible in UV environments. Here in the Philippines, it's not that popular yet, as many are skeptical about the side effects of the special inks used for the said tattoo. It is said that it can cause dermatitis, cancer, and other skin diseases. Yes, that's true that's why you have to be sure that the UV ink is safe and is "FDA Approved". There are reliable tattoo shops here in the Philippines where you can get UV tattoos, and one of the many is P & P Tattoo. By the way, check this UV Tattoo by the master himself, Mike Sambajon.

UV Tattoo by Mike Sambajon

I have had a portrait tattoo for about 2+ months already when i have had an  itchy spot within my tattoo. It gets worse each day and i noticed that bumps (pimple like) started to appear. Unfortunately it has spreaded around my tattoo as well as on my other tattoo (neck). They look like small pimples - small spots like a mosquito bite or something. My skin around my tattoos affected felt thicker and kind of numb. They were itching the hell out of me, so i tried to use katialis, but it makes things worse. It irritated my skin more so i stopped using it. I also tried canesten cream - an OTC antifungal cream but then again - it didn't help at all. Tried tea tree oil as well. After a gruelsome week, i decided to visit a dermatologist. I was advised to apply some dermovate cream into it (3x a day) and avoid scratching / touching the tattoo. I was advised to put an ice on it when it's itchin' like hell.

I took a photo of my tattoo after applying the cream, and by the looks of it - it's in the course of healing. Guess what? In a matter of 4 days - it's healed, and my tattoos are back to normal!

Don't use OTC antifungal creams on your tattoos with rashes! Don't touch or scratch it as well! Self care is essential to make sure that your skin is safe from rashes or other skin impurities.

Here's another tattoo by Emao Clemen that looks real. It's a portrait of my son Teo, and i must say that he really is the best there is here in the Philippines or perhaps in the World as the tattoo looks clean, and the details are very impressive. It even looks better than the photo that i provided. Anyway, check 'em out and let me know what you think!


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