Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 Tattoo Artists You Should Follow on Instagram

Instagram is a cool photo-sharing app that we use to share our photos online. And it is a good thing that it had a good positive impact on tattooing. Whether you are a tattoo collector, or you just like art, it's hard to keep up to date with the work done by the World's best tattoo artists. Most tattoo artists' websites are out of date and Facebook made it a lot easier for tattoo artists to update their portfolio without getting a help from website developers - though it is not being used with any great consistency as a resource. Instagram, however, has encouraged tattoo artists to share their portfolio on a daily basis - which is great for us, the tattoo enthusiasts.

What's more is that it is the access to tattoo artists' process of tattooing — from sketch, to stencil, up until completion. It’s not just about high-resolution photos of the finished product anymore!

Below is a list, of some of the best tattoo artists that you should be following on Instagram.

NOTE: Of course there are many great other tattoo artists on Instagram in each of these styles, but this list is mainly focused on tattoo artists who primarily shoot their work and stuff related to their art.

1. @carlostorresart
Style: Black and Grey
Carlos Torres is a professional race car driver and a very well known tattoo artist. You can also see his works/art over at CarlosTorresart.com.  He is considered as one of the the best—black and grey tattoo artists in the United States - and probably in the whole World. Check his portfolio and you'll be amazed with his intricately shaded portraits.

2. @emaoclemen
Style: Realism/Portrait
Hailing from the Philippines, Emao Clemen is also known as "The Portrait Master." He works at P&P Tattoo - number one tattoo shop in the Philippines. His known for his portrait tattoos and his astounding use of a broad color palette, uber realistic shading, and control of the tattoo machine. Boy his works really look like it belongs in a museum.

3. @horiyoshi3
Style: Japanese Traditional

If you are a fan of Japanese Tattoo, then most often than not, you know Horiyoshi III. He has been in the business for more than 40 years and that's why his tattoos are astonishing!  In his feed you will see his famous bodysuit work, Japanese traditions, antique photographs of Japanese tattooing, and Ukiyo-e woodblock prints.

4. @thomashoopertattooing
Style: Blackwork/Dot-work

Hooper is known for his refined ornamental work and intricate pointillism. Most of his works are large, mostly mind-blowing, and always beautiful.

5. @philipszlosek_ka
Style: Americana

Philip Szlosek is an all-American tattoo artist. He works at Kings Avenue Tattoo @ Long Island/Manhattan and you can also see some of his works over at his website http://philipszlosek.com. His tattoos are Old School! His lines are tight and crisp, and gives new life into the traditional tattoos like bones, skulls, gypsy girls, panthers and the like.

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