Friday, December 2, 2016

C-Section Scars & Stretch Marks Cover Up Tattoo by Joel Rocafort

C-Section Scars & Stretch Marks Cover Up Tattoo by Joel Rocafort

You will never believe what my wife did with her C-section scars!

We all know that giving birth is cause for celebration. My wife took it one step further by turning her C-section scars and stretch marks into works of art.

A tattoo is a great way to cover up the scars you were left with after a C-Section.  There are plenty of beautiful ideas that you can implement in the abdominal area that will cover up those scars perfectly.

Check out my wife who covered her c-section scars up with the awesome tattoo - Thanks to Joel Rocafort of JRoc Tattoos!

It is a proof that you can turn embarrassing physical changes into something you can be proud of.

So, instead of hiding your post-baby body, embrace the change — like my wife did!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

My Daughter's Portrait Tattoo by Emao Clemen of P & P Tattoo

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Many parents decide to show their love for their kids with a nice lettering tattoo of their kids' names, or even a portrait.

Portraits, especially of kids, are very difficult to do. It requires skill for a tattoo artist to render all their vivacity and wonderful joy of living.

The tattoo portrait not only need to be that realistic that we would be able to spot the cute mischief in their eyes but also to feel the love their parents have for them.

If you wish to have your daughter or son inked forever into your skin, secure yourself a good tattoo artist like Emao Clemen of P & P Tattoo and bring the largest picture you have with the best quality.

The best portrait tattooists would tell them that it is the picture that is the most important. Except if you want something more artistic of course.

Yesterday, I had my daughter's portrait tattooed by Emao Clemen and couldn't be happier. The new tattoo he gave me is absolutely stunning. He turned my tattoo into something I can be really proud of.

I've had most of my tattoos at P&P Tattoo, wanting to get more only from there!!!! So much love passion and care for tattoos they defiantly will treat you right. The place I highly recommend for tattoos!!!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Party In Paradise Tattoo Expo 2016

Party In Paradise Tattoo Expo is a three day event being held from 8th January to the 10th January 2016 at the Cebu Trade Hall in Cebu, Philippines. This event showcases products like Aaron Coleman, Arizona's master of the Traditional American Tattoo style, amazing art and unique collectables that make for a great experience to see and plenty more, etc. in the Lifestyle & Fashion industry.